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Harper Lab Publications and Presentations

Shupe HJ, Boenisch KM, Harper BJ, Brander SM, Harper SL.  2021.  Effect of Nanoplastic Type and Surface Chemistry on Particle Agglomeration over a Salinity Gradient.. Environ Toxicol Chem. 40(7):1822-1828.
Patel I, Woodcock J, Beams R, Stranick SJ, Nieuwendaal R, Gilman JW, Mulenos MR, Sayes CM, Salari M, DeLoid G et al..  2021.  Fluorescently Labeled Cellulose Nanofibers for Environmental Health and Safety Studies.. Nanomaterials (Basel). 11(4)
Olsen MRose, Colliard I, Rahman T, Miyaishi TC, Harper B, Harper S, Nyman M.  2021.  Hybrid Polyoxometalate Salt Adhesion by Butyltin Functionalization.. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 13(16):19497-19506.
Robinson RLiam March, Sarimveis H, Doganis P, Jia X, Kotzabasaki M, Gousiadou C, Harper SLynn, Wilkins T.  2021.  Identifying diverse metal oxide nanomaterials with lethal effects on embryonic zebrafish using machine learning.. Beilstein J Nanotechnol. 12:1297-1325.
Stine JS, Harper BJ, Conner CG, Velev OD, Harper SL.  2021.  In Vivo Toxicity Assessment of Chitosan-Coated Lignin Nanoparticles in Embryonic Zebrafish ().. Nanomaterials (Basel). 11(1)
Gousiadou C, Robinson RLMarchese, Kotzabasaki M, Doganis P, Wilkins TA, Jia X, Sarimveis H, Harper SL.  2021.  Machine learning predictions of concentration-specific aggregate hazard scores of inorganic nanomaterials in embryonic zebrafish.. Nanotoxicology. 15(4):446-476.
Almurshidi BH, Van Court RC, Gutierrez SMVega, Harper S, Harper B, Robinson SC.  2021.  Preliminary Examination of the Toxicity of Spalting Fungal Pigments: A Comparison between Extraction Methods.. J Fungi (Basel). 7(2)
Cunningham B, Engstrom AM, Harper BJ, Harper SL, Mackiewicz MR.  2021.  Silver Nanoparticles Stable to Oxidation and Silver Ion Release Show Size-Dependent Toxicity In Vivo.. Nanomaterials (Basel). 11(6)


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