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Journal Article
Crandon LE, Boenisch KM, Harper BJ, Harper SL.  2020.  Adaptive methodology to determine hydrophobicity of nanomaterials in situ.. PLoS One. 15(6):e0233844.
Sreniawski M.J, Harper B.J, Harper S.  2013.  Advancement of the GoodNanoGuide: A compendium of best practices for the global nanotech community.. Nanotech. 2
Wu F, Harper BJ, Crandon LE, Harper SL.  2020.  Assessment of Cu and CuO nanoparticle ecological responses using laboratory small-scale microcosms.. Environ Sci Nano. 7(1):105-115.
McColley CJ, Nason JA, Harper BJ, Harper SL.  2023.  An assessment of methods used for the generation and characterization of cryomilled polystyrene micro- and nanoplastic particles. Microplastics and Nanoplastics . 3(1)
Lynch I, Afantitis A, Exner T, Himly M, Lobaskin V, Doganis P, Maier D, Sanabria N, Papadiamantis AG, Rybinska-Fryca A et al..  2020.  Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies? Nanomaterials (Basel). 10(12)
Harper S, Reiber CL.  2006.  Cardiac development in crayfish: ontogeny of cardiac physiology and aerobic metabolism in the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii.. J Comp Physiol B. 176(5):405-14.
Reichman JR, Slattery MR, Johnson MG, Andersen CP, Harper SL.  2024.  CeO nanoparticle dose and exposure modulate soybean development and plant-mediated responses in root-associated bacterial communities.. Sci Rep. 14(1):10231.
Wu F, Harper BJ, Harper SL.  2019.  Comparative dissolution, uptake, and toxicity of zinc oxide particles in individual aquatic species and mixed populations.. Environ Toxicol Chem. 38(3):591-602.
Harper B, Thomas D, Chikkagoudar S, Baker N, Tang K, Heredia-Langner A, Lins R, Harper S.  2015.  Comparative hazard analysis and toxicological modeling of diverse nanomaterials using the embryonic zebrafish (EZ) metric of toxicity. J Nanopart Res. 17(6):250.
Pryor JB, Harper BJ, Harper S.  2014.  Comparative toxicological assessment of PAMAM and thiophosphoryl dendrimers using embryonic zebrafish. Int J Nanomedicine. 9:1947-1956.
Teeguarden JG, Tan Y-M, Edwards SW, Leonard JA, Anderson KA, Corley RA, Kile ML, Simonich SM, Stone D, Tanguay RL et al..  2016.  Completing the Link between Exposure Science and Toxicology for Improved Environmental Health Decision Making: The Aggregate Exposure Pathway Framework. Environ Sci Technol.
Cunningham BE, Sharpe EE, Brander SM, Landis WG, Harper SL.  2023.  Critical gaps in nanoplastics research and their connection to risk assessment.. Front Toxicol. 5:1154538.
Krausz AE, Adler BL, Cabral V, Navati M, Doerner J, Charafeddine RA, Chandra D, Liang H, Gunther L, Clendaniel A et al..  2015.  Curcumin-encapsulated nanoparticles as innovative antimicrobial and wound healing agent. Nanomedicine. 11(1):195-206.
Wu F, Harper BJ, Harper SL.  2017.  Differential dissolution and toxicity of surface functionalized silver nanoparticles in small-scale microcosms: impacts of community complexity. Environmental Science: Nano. 4:359-372.
Shupe HJ, Boenisch KM, Harper BJ, Brander SM, Harper SL.  2021.  Effect of Nanoplastic Type and Surface Chemistry on Particle Agglomeration over a Salinity Gradient.. Environ Toxicol Chem. 40(7):1822-1828.
Son J, Hooven LA, Harper B, Harper S.  2015.  Effect of pH and ionic strength on exposure and toxicity of encapsulated lambda-cyhalothrin to Daphnia magna. Sci Total Environ. 538:683-91.
Seyedmahmoudi S.H, Harper S, Weismiller M.C, Haapala K.R.  2015.  Evaluating the use of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles in a metalworking fluid from a toxicological perspective. Journal of Nanoparticle Research. 17(2):1-12.
Truong L, Harper S, Tanguay RL.  2011.  Evaluation of embryotoxicity using the zebrafish model.. Methods Mol Biol. 691:271-9.
Stone D, Harper BJ, Lynch I, Dawson K, Harper S.  2010.  Exposure assessment: recommendations for nanotechnology-based pesticides.. Int J Occup Environ Health. 16(4):467-74.
Patel I, Woodcock J, Beams R, Stranick SJ, Nieuwendaal R, Gilman JW, Mulenos MR, Sayes CM, Salari M, DeLoid G et al..  2021.  Fluorescently Labeled Cellulose Nanofibers for Environmental Health and Safety Studies.. Nanomaterials (Basel). 11(4)
Usenko CY, Harper S, Tanguay RL.  2008.  Fullerene C60 exposure elicits an oxidative stress response in embryonic zebrafish.. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 229(1):44-55.
Robinson RLMarchese, Lynch I, Peijnenburg W, Rumble J, Klaessig F, Marquardt C, Rauscher H, Puzyn T, Purian R, Åberg C et al..  2016.  How should the completeness and quality of curated nanomaterial data be evaluated? Nanoscale. 8(19):9919-43.
Olsen MRose, Colliard I, Rahman T, Miyaishi TC, Harper B, Harper S, Nyman M.  2021.  Hybrid Polyoxometalate Salt Adhesion by Butyltin Functionalization.. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 13(16):19497-19506.


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