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Exposure assessment: recommendations for nanotechnology-based pesticides.

TitleExposure assessment: recommendations for nanotechnology-based pesticides.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsStone D, Harper BJ, Lynch I, Dawson K, Harper S
JournalInt J Occup Environ Health
Date Published2010 Oct-Dec
KeywordsAgriculture, Air Pollutants, Occupational, Environmental Exposure, Humans, Nanoparticles, Occupational Exposure, Pesticides

Given the development of nanotechnology within numerous scientific disciplines, it is likely that nanoscale products have been and will be used for agricultural, vector, and urban pest control prior to a complete evaluation of exposure and risk. Significant differences may exist between nanotechnology-based pesticides (NBPs) and conventional pesticides, primarily due to size and surface characteristics. These differences may result in changes in bioavailability, sensitivity, dosimetry, and pharmacokinetics. This paper considers the role of exposure assessment in the regulation of NBPs. While the existing regulatory infrastructure for pesticides is well established, several issues specific to NBP exposure are discussed, including: (1) disclosures of nanoparticle characteristics in product formulations; (2) additional uncertainty factors for NBPs with inadequate data; (3) route-specific approaches for assessing exposure; (4) testing with the commercial form of NBPs; (5) initiation of a health surveillance program; and (6) development of educational programs.

Alternate JournalInt J Occup Environ Health
PubMed ID21222390

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