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Meg Dodge

Highest Degree Received: 

I am a first year chemical engineering PhD student at Oregon State University working in Dr. Stacey Harper’s Nanotoxicology Lab. I earned my bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Lafayette College in Easton, PA where I also completed a minor in environmental studies and an honors research thesis.

Research Interest/Focus: 

While at Lafayette College, my research focused on the synthesis, characterization, and degradation of bio-based thermosetting polyesters. My research interests include renewable plastics, effects of plastics on the environment, and environmental remediation.

Lehman-Chong, A. M.; Cox, C. L.; Kinaci, E.; Burkert, S. E.; Dodge, M. L.; Rosmarin, D. M.; Newell, J. A.; Soh, L.; Gordon, M. B.; Stanzione, J. F. I. Itaconic Acid as a Comonomer in Betulin-Based Thermosets via Sequential and Bulk Preparation. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2023.

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