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Harper Lab Publications and Presentations

Journal Article
Robinson RLiam March, Sarimveis H, Doganis P, Jia X, Kotzabasaki M, Gousiadou C, Harper SLynn, Wilkins T.  2021.  Identifying diverse metal oxide nanomaterials with lethal effects on embryonic zebrafish using machine learning.. Beilstein J Nanotechnol. 12:1297-1325.
Bonventre JA, Pryor JB, Harper BJ, Harper S.  2014.  The impact of aminated surface ligands and silica shells on the stability, uptake, and toxicity of engineered silver nanoparticles. J Nanopart Res. 16(12):2761.
Harper B.J, Sinche F., Wu R.H, Gowrishanker G., Marquart G., Mackiewiez M., Harper S.  2014.  The Impact of Surface Ligands and Synthesis Method on the Toxicity of Glutathione-Coated Gold Nanoparticles. Nanomaterials. 4:355-371.
Harper BJ, Clendaniel A, Sinche F, Way D, Hughes M, Schardt J, Simonsen J, Stefaniak AB, Harper S.  2016.  Impacts of chemical modification on the toxicity of diverse nanocellulose materials to developing zebrafish. Cellulose. 23(3)
Harper BJ, Engstrom AM, Harper SL, Mackiewicz MR.  2024.  Impacts of Differentially Shaped Silver Nanoparticles with Increasingly Complex Hydrophobic Thiol Surface Coatings in Small-Scale Laboratory Microcosms.. Nanomaterials (Basel). 14(8)
Usenko CY, Harper S, Tanguay RL.  2007.  In vivo evaluation of carbon fullerene toxicity using embryonic zebrafish.. Carbon N Y. 45(9):1891-1898.
Stine JS, Harper BJ, Conner CG, Velev OD, Harper SL.  2021.  In Vivo Toxicity Assessment of Chitosan-Coated Lignin Nanoparticles in Embryonic Zebrafish ().. Nanomaterials (Basel). 11(1)
Ramachandran R, Krishnaraj C, Kumar VKAbhay, Harper SL, Kalaichelvan TP, Yun S-I.  2018.  In vivo toxicity evaluation of biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles and gold nanoparticles on adult zebrafish: a comparative study.. 3 Biotech. 8(10):441.
Krishnaraj C, Harper S, Yun S-I.  2016.  In Vivo toxicological assessment of biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles in adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio). J Hazard Mater. 301:480-91.
Meredith AN, Harper B, Harper S.  2016.  The influence of size on the toxicity of an encapsulated pesticide: a comparison of micron- and nano-sized capsules. Environ Int. 86:68-74.
Zhou Z, Son J, Harper B, Zhou Z, Harper S.  2015.  Influence of surface chemical properties on the toxicity of engineered zinc oxide nanoparticles to embryonic zebrafish. Beilstein J Nanotechnol. 6:1568-79.
Thomas DG, Klaessig F, Harper S, Fritts M, Hoover MD, Gaheen S, Stokes TH, Reznik-Zellen R, Freund ET, Klemm JD et al..  2011.  Informatics and standards for nanomedicine technology.. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Nanomed Nanobiotechnol.
Karcher S, Willighagen EL, Rumble J, Ehrhart F, Evelo CT, Fritts M, Gaheen S, Harper SL, Hoover MD, Jeliazkova N et al..  2018.  Integration among databases and data sets to support productive nanotechnology: Challenges and recommendations.. NanoImpact. 9:85-101.
Biefel F, Geist J, Connon RE, Harper B, Brander SM.  2024.  Interactive effects between water temperature, microparticle compositions, and fiber types on the marine keystone species Americamysis bahia.. Environ Pollut. 348:123906.
Siddiqui S, Dickens JM, Cunningham BE, Hutton SJ, Pedersen EI, Harper B, Harper S, Brander SM.  2022.  Internalization, reduced growth, and behavioral effects following exposure to micro and nano tire particles in two estuarine indicator species.. Chemosphere. 296:133934.
Thomas DG, Gaheen S, Harper S, Fritts M, Klaessig F, Hahn-Dantona E, Paik D, Pan S, Stafford GA, Freund ET et al..  2013.  ISA-TAB-Nano: a specification for sharing nanomaterial research data in spreadsheet-based format.. BMC Biotechnol. 13:2.
Gousiadou C, Robinson RLMarchese, Kotzabasaki M, Doganis P, Wilkins TA, Jia X, Sarimveis H, Harper SL.  2021.  Machine learning predictions of concentration-specific aggregate hazard scores of inorganic nanomaterials in embryonic zebrafish.. Nanotoxicology. 15(4):446-476.
Harper S.  2015.  Measuring nanomaterial release from carbon nanotube composites: review of the state of the science. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 617(1)
Krishnaraj C, Harper S, Choe HSung, Kim K-P, Yun S-I.  2015.  Mechanistic aspects of biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles against food- and water-borne microbes. Bioprocess Biosyst Eng. 38(10):1943-58.
Harper S, Reiber CL.  2006.  Metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular responses to acute and chronic hypoxic exposure in tadpole shrimp Triops longicaudatus.. J Exp Biol. 209(Pt 9):1639-50.
Stack ME, Hollman K, Mladenov N, Harper B, Pinongcos F, Sant KE, Rochman CM, Richardot W, Dodder NG, Hoh E.  2023.  Micron-size tire tread particles leach organic compounds at higher rates than centimeter-size particles: Compound identification and profile comparison.. Environ Pollut. 334:122116.
Wu F, Harper BJ, Marsh DA, Saha S, Diulus T, Amador JM, Keszler DA, Herman GS, Maddux BLS, Harper SL.  2019.  Monoalkyl Tin Nano-Cluster Films Reveal a Low Environmental Impact under Simulated Natural Conditions.. Environ Toxicol Chem. 38(12):2651-2658.
Harper S, Hutchison JE, Baker N, Ostraat M, Tinkle S, Steevens J, Hoover MD, Adamick J, Rajan K, Gaheen S et al..  2013.  Nanoinformatics workshop report: Current resources, community needs, and the proposal of a collaborative framework for data sharing and information integration. Comput Sci Discov. 6(1):14008.
Hendren CO, Powers CM, Hoover MD, Harper S.  2015.  The Nanomaterial Data Curation Initiative: A collaborative approach to assessing, evaluating, and advancing the state of the field. Beilstein J Nanotechnol. 6:1752-62.
Tang K, Liu X, Harper S, Steevens JA, Xu R.  2013.  NEIMiner: nanomaterial environmental impact data miner.. Int J Nanomedicine. 8 Suppl 1:15-29.


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